Let’s Make Graphs (series)

The Let’s Make Graphs series includes:

  • Bar Graphs 978-1-62431-390-5
  • Graphing Story Problems 978-1-62431-391-2
  • Line Graphs 978-1-62431-392-9
  • Pictographs 978-1-62431-393-6
  • Pie Graphs 978-1-62431-394-3
  • Tally Charts 978-1-62431-395-0

All are published in 2014, for grades K-3, by Cherry Lake Publishing. Available in e-book format also.

Recommender Lynn Van Auken is a teacher librarian from a Massachusetts school. She writes that the series is “thorough and engaging”, entices readers to try making graphs, and clarifies key words. She notes that the series is aligned with the Common Core State Standards. Listed as “recommended” in Library Media Connection, May/June 2014.

Note: Library Media Connection’s book reviews always include books in the Mathematics section; the LMC scale goes up to “highly recommended” and includes “not recommended.”

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