Displaying Information (series)

The Displaying Information series includes four titles:

  • Diagrams, Diagrams, Diagrams! 978-1476533377
  • Graphs, Graphs, Graphs! 978-1-4675-0259-5
  • Maps, Maps, Maps! 978-1-4675-0262-5
  • Timelines, Timelines, Timelines! 978-1-4675-0261-8

All books are written by Kelly Boswell, published in 2013, for grades K-2, by A+ Books (Capstone Press).

Recommender Valerie Byrd Fort is a teacher librarian in an elementary school in South Carolina. She writes that the series explains “different ways to display information in data,” with examples that are kid-friendly. She adds that the series provides ideas for teachers to use the books to support Common Core State Standards. Listed as “recommended” in Library Media Connection, August/September 2014.

Note: Library Media Connection’s book reviews always include books in the Mathematics section; the LMC scale goes up to “highly recommended” and includes “not recommended.”

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